NeoShell is a VB project that inglobes into itself desktop objects. It's extendible and customizable. The loadable modules are 4:

All modules are configurable from a program, NSConfig.


Is composed of a background (the bitmap is selectable) and a series of icons; icons are movable on the background using shift + mouse leftclick and dragging; they are launched with a double left click.


Is a tree. You can express a single item or reading them from directory structure.


Wharf is a launcher like Afterstep; i think to maintain the original appearance, and not thinking to customize it like litestep. There are buttons and button group that extends in the orizontal verse (if the wharf is vertical). Every button has a command, like icons.


Is a gnome-style launcher, it can expands itself or reduce.

With these elements you can also assemble an environment like unix.